Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Update...Gigs!

Days off from writing are something I hate taking.  With all the performances, gigs, and finals over the last 5 days, the world of blogging has been something of a blur.  The term is ending today and the world is looking brighter and brighter (despite the clouds and impending snow).  The end of last week was wrought with music and gigs all over the place.  Final rehearsals for jazz band are going well and a gig at San Juan College in Farmington was a blast.  I was happy to play with that ensemble again and the charts were really fun to play.  Couple that with a week long visit from my uncle and the week was killer!

Saturday's gig at the DAC was something of a bust.  I was a little depressed that more people didn't show up, especially for a Saturday night event.  The world of Durango just doesn't seem to have much interest for the world of Jazz.  I did however have a great time playing with the best rhythm section.  Those guys are getting tighter every time and it seems that they are moving closer and closer to the "gel" mode.  Michael came and sat in with us for most of the event and that was sweet!  He can play and has ears from another dimension!  I was glad I got a chance to play in a combo setting with him, and it definitely helped the night move along!  Kudos to him for stepping up and having some fun with us.  I really appreciated it.

My BAMF was there and that makes the night the most special of all.  She's the best, my (s) pic, my friend, and my confidant.  I can't imagine the world without her in it.  I was glad to get to hang out with everyone after the gig and enjoy some early, early, early morning breakfast.  It was fun and I hadn't done it in a long time.

Sunday was a club day, full of holiday merriment and bowling (of all things).  I hadn't been for years and I really had a great day with the club folks.  It was one of the best holiday parties I'd been too in a long time.

So, 10 days to the big show and a happy ho-ho-ho!  I hope that everyone has their lists out and are checking them twice.  The season is upon us and the spirit of the holiday is everywhere, I hope we can share it together!


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