Friday, February 27, 2009

Making More Time....*sigh*...

The week has flown by.  It truly was a blur.  I don't even think I remember existing within the week.  With so much going on between school and work and rehearsals and practicing, it seems as though the days are starting to run together.  Even finding time to spend with David is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Making time for things that are important seems to be the challenge and with all the tools I have at my disposal one would think it an easy task.  Initiative, initiative, initiative...that and some more motivation.  I never wanted to find myself in a repetitive rut, but the last few weeks have been leading to that shape of time, carbon copy...

Time with David is wonderful though.  He's a great guy and I'm finding that we are getting along very well.  I know that there are things I'll have to get past in my own mind to keep the relationship healthy, but for now it's a great thing.

Jazz Fest next week and its going to be legendary!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Beginning....of the week...

The beginning of the week started off with a very early morning.  Needless to say the day flew by and I am completely worn down.  Working all day is something I have to look forward too, I just know that it will be easier than going to school, working, rehearsing, practicing, working, managing a bar and theater, practicing, rehearsing, and keeping up a nice apartment.  (long drawn out sigh)

I love it when it's busy, life just seems full, fast, furious, and fabulous.  The down time...uck...blah...wretchedly slow, boring, how I loathe the denouement of the day.  Winding down always seems to take forever, and then the new day begins...aaauuuggghhh!!!  Though, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Life is still good, very good.  My new horn stand came today and I'm really excited to add it to my gear.  It's going to be nice to have one in the bag again and not have to worry about carrying around the tri-fold.  The big one is going to be great for gigs, the small one, very handy for my personal practice and rehearsal sessions.

Blessed, yes, and still going strong.  Stay positive, and maintain the work, progress!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

V'Day - Excellence...

Valentine's Day weekend has passed and it was the best ever......yah, it was that good.  My boo made me dinner and came to my gig.  The quartet played amazingly well, they always do.  It seems that whenever we get together to play a gig, magic just seems to happen.  Having a good time and sharing music with other people is truly an amazing experience.  This time, I got to share it with my guy...and it made the entire day/weekend, better than any prior.

Just being able to share time with him has been a wonderful experience.  I'm very lucky, very is very good.

Very good...


Friday, February 13, 2009

The week has flown by at a speed that I cannot comprehend.  I was present for every moment, yet, I somehow wish it would have gone by a little slower.  I guess when the days are filled with plenty to do, plenty to accomplish, they do pass quickly.  Now, Friday is here and already I find myself at work with the kids.  They are so full of energy, ready to tackle the world, the universe, and never thinking once about our perception of "real life".

I wish I was as ready as they are...maybe this


Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Day...Old Cough....Life Is Still Amazing...

I hate this cough!!!! It truly is driving me insane. It has been such a long time since I've had a major cough like this and it's getting a little scary.

That was two days, that I'm finally starting to get over it I'm thinking that I don't ever want a cough like that again. It really was a pain in the ass...

Finally, the world is right, whole, complete, and back to normal. Today was a new day, tomorrow will be new again, and the day after will start once more a fresh beginning.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


If they, whoever "they" might be, came to take me away, I would go willingly.  I would be happy in the knowledge that the world is full of love, the potential for change, and the power to make progress.

I'm living the dream, right now, living my life the way I want to and I'm extremely happy.  I can't think of another time in my life when I've been happier, or wanted for nothing.

It is truly amazing how life can come at a person so fast that it passes them by.  I never want mine to move along without me.

It's all about living the dream, living in the here and now, living for today!