Sunday, November 30, 2008

...It is Inevitable

Sometimes change comes when we want it to. Other times it comes when we least expect it. Then there are the times when we focus, make a conscious effort to change, and then (like the Nike ads say) we just do it. Now at the end of our holiday break, with the burden of the final three weeks of the fall term staring us down, the students of our college return once again to our institution of higher learning. With true grit and rested mind, body and soul, I too return with a hope for change.

Striving for evolution of the self, progress, both academic and personal, as well as a new air about my life makes me hopeful that the next level has arrived and a new struggle will begin. Taking those first renewed steps makes me anxious for the unknown. Making my way, moving through it one day at a time, and remembering that it is because I get up and move, get up and smile and know that today will be amazing because of those first steps. I hope that we all wake up and sing, dance, play, move, and groove to a new beat each day, each hour, each minute, and remain focused on change...on making true genuine progress.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wakey, Wakey...

With the recent holiday in the past I find myself back in my "quiet, little, redneck, one horse, mountain town". The winter season has definitely come to fruition with a crisp chill in the air at all times and fair amounts of snow lain upon the ground. The streets are beginning to become icy and the hope that the fleeting days of sunshine and blue skies will not falter are now at a very real impasse.

Still in tryptophan recovery, I feel a little groggy today, it is better than yesterday. (Might even explain the absence of a post...) The day after a major holiday always feels so surreal and with addition of what the country called "Black Friday", I knew that it would be in my best interest to stay home with the family and not venture out amongst the masses, yearning to dominate the consumer market. Instead, I slept in, which was awesome. I then went to the movies with my mom, which (you guessed it) was awesome as well. Spending a day of giving thanks, followed by a movie and an afternoon with the fam averting electrical fires seemed a befitting close to a wonderful holiday away from the little mountain town where I attend school.

Now returned, I have progressed beyond sleeping on the sleeping on the couch. Another night of DVDs and late night tube exposure can pretty much trigger the sleeping drug in anybodies system.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thursday and Friday. Saturday looks promising...with a slight chance of opportunity on the horizon, good days and better days.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Our Day Of Thanks...

Today, a majority of Americans celebrate our holiday called "Thanksgiving". It is meant to celebrate our history, our family, our friends, our relationships, basically the many people in our lives for which we are thankful. Some rejoice in being with good company, some pay homage to their friends and their many blessings.

I think that, after my very short time here on earth, the concept of being thankful has come to mean a great many different things for each of us. The dictionary defines "thankful" as: Aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful. I hope that I can express my gratitude for my life, the quality of that life, my family, my friends, my mentors, my education, and each of the many blessings in my world that have become too numerous to calculate.

I do know one thing thus takes more than just one day in the year to truly show how much each of us have in our lives. It takes constant vigilance, determination, and a very conscious effort to remain thankful, to remain steadfast in our humbleness as a family member, as a friend, as someone who can show they are blessed by expressing thanks each and everyday to everyone they know.

My personal gratitude cannot be expressed here in this blog, it cannot be quantified by numbers nor can it be visualized in picture. It can come only from my heart, my words, my thoughts, my work and deeds towards others and that constant unwavering effort to lead by example and show everyone just how "thankful" I am for everything I am, everything I have, and everyone that shares in my life.

Thank you all.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Future Is Now...

The sense that the world is in good hands is always present when I'm at work. Though, to say that I'm at work is really misleading. My career has taken me to several places, however none of those compare to working at a Boys & Girls Club. My current club is very special in that I have been present since its inception. The first of its kind here in Durango, the organization represents a much needed outlet for growth in our community. The members here are stellar, and even then, that is an understatement. Each child has their own personality and each is very special to me. They complete that youthful vicarious need in my life and allow me to influence them in a positive way. Nothing on this planet is more rewarding or more satisfying.

Today there have already been countless signs that the future of our world is, truly, not without hope and prospect. We've been here for a little over a year and our club feels like a home away from home. With a jump start in technology, games, and wonderful program leaders, this club is sure to grow and expand beyond anything this town could possibly imagine.

Look out world, these kids are coming and they are ready for anything!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


(Insert Greeting Here...)

This is my first post. (High Five!) I read many different blogs online and find that each one carries its own personality. I hope that this one will do the same and add to the myriad of blogs that already exist. If I happen to write something that resonates with the public (you...hey you...ya you) then please feel free to leave a comment.

OK..."get on with it!"

So, I'm currently listening to "Mark and Brian". They host a live morning radio show out of southern California and, lucky for me, they finally have their online radio module up and running. For a while it was down and I was going through massive DT's. There really isn't any kind of withdrawal like not being able to hear these two jock's. They have, in my very modest opinion, one of the best morning radio shows in the country. ( I highly recommend them if you haven't partaken thus far...

The sun is coming up, it's really early and I totally slept on the floor at a my best friend's place. We enjoyed some late night Family Guy DVDs and for some reason she wanted to get pancakes at like 11:30pm. So, we went down to the local pancake place (well, the only place that's open in this town who serves cakes that late) and she had a fat stack. It was different to just watch someone eat that particular breakfast item, as I had already eaten and was quite satiated for the night. She obliterated the meal, it was awesome! I don't think I've been scared of someone who wanted food like that, but her eyes just kept getting wider with anticipation and she kept saying it over and over, "Pancakes!". Needless to say I was relieved when she had devoured the griddle fodder. So, butter and syrup wiped away, we ended up finishing off the early morning with some Animatrix, which I highly recommend, and could not believe she hadn't seen! Then again, she hasn't seen a lot of things and this truly is an endearing quality.

So, after waking up on the floor (I love to sleep there as of late) at 5:20 this morning I finally made it to bed. Ever wake up on the floor after some late night DVDs?