Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wakey, Wakey...

With the recent holiday in the past I find myself back in my "quiet, little, redneck, one horse, mountain town". The winter season has definitely come to fruition with a crisp chill in the air at all times and fair amounts of snow lain upon the ground. The streets are beginning to become icy and the hope that the fleeting days of sunshine and blue skies will not falter are now at a very real impasse.

Still in tryptophan recovery, I feel a little groggy today, it is better than yesterday. (Might even explain the absence of a post...) The day after a major holiday always feels so surreal and with addition of what the country called "Black Friday", I knew that it would be in my best interest to stay home with the family and not venture out amongst the masses, yearning to dominate the consumer market. Instead, I slept in, which was awesome. I then went to the movies with my mom, which (you guessed it) was awesome as well. Spending a day of giving thanks, followed by a movie and an afternoon with the fam averting electrical fires seemed a befitting close to a wonderful holiday away from the little mountain town where I attend school.

Now returned, I have progressed beyond sleeping on the sleeping on the couch. Another night of DVDs and late night tube exposure can pretty much trigger the sleeping drug in anybodies system.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thursday and Friday. Saturday looks promising...with a slight chance of opportunity on the horizon, good days and better days.


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