Sunday, November 30, 2008

...It is Inevitable

Sometimes change comes when we want it to. Other times it comes when we least expect it. Then there are the times when we focus, make a conscious effort to change, and then (like the Nike ads say) we just do it. Now at the end of our holiday break, with the burden of the final three weeks of the fall term staring us down, the students of our college return once again to our institution of higher learning. With true grit and rested mind, body and soul, I too return with a hope for change.

Striving for evolution of the self, progress, both academic and personal, as well as a new air about my life makes me hopeful that the next level has arrived and a new struggle will begin. Taking those first renewed steps makes me anxious for the unknown. Making my way, moving through it one day at a time, and remembering that it is because I get up and move, get up and smile and know that today will be amazing because of those first steps. I hope that we all wake up and sing, dance, play, move, and groove to a new beat each day, each hour, each minute, and remain focused on change...on making true genuine progress.


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