Thursday, March 19, 2009

Of Art, Furniture, and PEOPLE...

The world of visual art is, most certainly, a force with which to be reckoned.  The meshing of creative minds is always something of a challenge, but when you manage the theater in which the art will be housed, that meshing becomes incredible static.  I thought that I had been doing fairly well, negotiating with groups and individuals, using my "people" skills to their best.  Little did I know that I would be in for a challenge with the folks from our local radio station, who, by the way, are hosting the little art show in question.

People are different, unique, and at times, fickle.  I'm learning that, even after years of experience of "dealing" with people, I can still learn some new tricks and tips from meeting and greeting the new ones.  Negotiating with people about individual issues is something at which I've always been very strong.  I'm now being educated, first hand, on how to retain and maintain peoples faith and good graces, while arbitrating multiple variables concerning a theater.  Lighting, sound, tech crews, seating and floor space, bar management, etc., etc., etc...

I guess you could say that my "good natured" side has become stronger and being able to stay firm while trying to "kill them with kindness" is something that is being honed as a skill.  Needless to say, thanks to hard work and numerous meetings, phone calls, and assertive discussions, the event tonight will be a hit.

So, here's to the folks from our local radio stations and the artists who are participating in the event.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Over...And Starting Again...

Spring break is finally coming to a close and the last one for my undergrad went fairly well.  I was pleased that I got to spend most of it with my guy and didn't have to venture far from home.  In fact, spending time here at home, working and taking it extremely easy was a nice change from worrying about some place to which I might travel.  Making a little extra money and not spending much is certainly better for me and makes me feel good for the rest of the month to come.

There are roughly six weeks of school left and not much time for anything else except that and work.  The final push towards the finish line will be cumbersome, and yet I can't help but feel gratified knowing that all the work is finally going to pay off.  (And yes, even some of the mistakes...)  The world will awaken anew in that time and hopefully more opportunities will open themselves up for me once the degree is complete.

Monday morning here I come, I hope you're ready world!!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh How I Loathe People Who THINK They Know What They Are Doing...

Those that know the least about it say it the loudest....

Today was supposed to have been a day off, with work starting later in the day, around 3:45 actually.  Instead, I was called in at 9:30 this morning for a full day of stupidity and work that really could have been left to a later time.  The DIFF set up crew was brilliant, the hard work of those ladies truly made the event a huge success.  Their so called "tech" crew, on the other hand, was a bunch of fuck-ups...

(From an email posted to our executive director regarding the "tech" events today...)

"I would however, like to express my concern for our equipment concerning their tech crew.  From the outset of our day, concerning tech and set up, the entire sequence of events was one blunder after another.  From misusing the sound system, causing audio system spikes and feedback that was unnecessary - to clipping our system, twice in one day - to the wasted effort of returning equipment [sound board and projector] to its prior (and theater standard) settings, Kurt and his other, so called “tech”, were nothing but a burden and superfluous set of hands that had no business being involved in the theater set up for tonight’s event, nor should they have been allowed to run anything regarding our systems technology.  His attitude was as much audacious as it was arrogant about being in control of the “tech” set up.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest if he was never to be invited back to work in our theater again."

Needless to say that the "main" guy created nothing but problems for me.  Now, tomorrow morning, I have to go into the theater and readjust our board, and rehang the projector as well as return it to it's theater settings for our lecture series as well as any film screenings that we might have in the future.  A needless waste of my time and effort, that could be dedicated to something else more deserving, is now going to be committed to fixing all of the aforementioned "blunders" that he created today and this evening.

I don't mean to sound bitchy about these types of things, but if you don't know what you are doing in a situation that involves technology that is over your head, then don't f*^&ing mess with anything!!!  Humble yourself and ask for help, it's really an OK thing to do.  It certainly is more well received than playing a guessing game and screwing everything up to the point of making someone else have to clean up after your mess.  Please, for the love GOD, if you need help ask, it's really going to be OK to find support in those types of situations, that's why those people are there.

So, there's my rant, I'm going to go lay down for a while and hope that my back gets better soon.


Friday, March 6, 2009

The Best Days Are Made...

Last night was incredible!!! The concert was a huge success, the guest artists were phenomenal, the crowd was loving it, and the band...the band was in the pocket!  I had such a wonderful time performing.  It's been a while since a jazz band concert made me feel that good about performing.  It felt great, the rush, the life, the music...that's truly what it's all about.  Sharing our music and love of music with the kids who came to participate and displaying what it possible when you work hard and enjoy what you do.

They [the high school and jr high students] had a great time, they all performed well throughout the day and the winning band was very deserved of the top prize.  For a group of high school students to sound as good as they did was incredible special.  They worked hard and it showed!  Congrats to them and all their tireless efforts to come and swing as a band!

The day was long, with 19 bands and long hours of running around, announcing bands, setting up chairs and stands, taking care of judges, and making sure that we were prepared for our own concert...whew!!!  The day ended in quite possibly the best way one can end a day.  Dinner with friends, wonderful guest artists, new acquaintances, lots of laughs and meaningful conversations, great food, and then fall asleep next to someone that means a lot.  Ya, he's pretty awesome!

So, Friday is here, Gershwin awaits us at the lunch hour and Rhapsody knows no stops for the faint of heart.  Music truly is the best thing on this planet.  Synonymous with love and a language all its own, I have been reinspired to progress to the next level.  What is that???  RENO!!!!  Hell ya!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying Times And Moving Forward...

The world isn't perfect.  It's such a simple statement, yet it truly is profound if one sits and really absorbs it...

The week started off at a running pace once again.  I suppose with the push towards the upcoming spring break next week everything feels like it's traveling at light speed.  Rehearsal Monday was something unique.  (In that it sucked ass!!!)  I'm not sure if people understand the idea of being a musician.  Even if one does it on the side, or as part of an extra-curricular activity it still presents a time involving hobby that takes work to succeed.  For those of us that have chosen to make it a life career, it may seem easy, but realize that the time we have invested is just that, a lifetime (so far...)

I suppose the greatest challenge is working with people (playing with people) who want to perform, who feel like they are making the cut, but they just aren't.  (And they don't know it....)  As someone who wants to educate for the rest of his life, I have to stay as positive and supportive as possible, but on days like Monday....*sigh* really is the hardest thing to do.  Trying as it was, we seemed to make it through unscathed and realized that there still is quite a bit of work to be done.

On the brighter side, rehearsals for our upcoming Jazz Festival are going well.  The guest artists are really cool and ready for action!  I can't wait for the show, it's going to be a good one.