Sunday, March 15, 2009

Over...And Starting Again...

Spring break is finally coming to a close and the last one for my undergrad went fairly well.  I was pleased that I got to spend most of it with my guy and didn't have to venture far from home.  In fact, spending time here at home, working and taking it extremely easy was a nice change from worrying about some place to which I might travel.  Making a little extra money and not spending much is certainly better for me and makes me feel good for the rest of the month to come.

There are roughly six weeks of school left and not much time for anything else except that and work.  The final push towards the finish line will be cumbersome, and yet I can't help but feel gratified knowing that all the work is finally going to pay off.  (And yes, even some of the mistakes...)  The world will awaken anew in that time and hopefully more opportunities will open themselves up for me once the degree is complete.

Monday morning here I come, I hope you're ready world!!!


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