Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh How I Loathe People Who THINK They Know What They Are Doing...

Those that know the least about it say it the loudest....

Today was supposed to have been a day off, with work starting later in the day, around 3:45 actually.  Instead, I was called in at 9:30 this morning for a full day of stupidity and work that really could have been left to a later time.  The DIFF set up crew was brilliant, the hard work of those ladies truly made the event a huge success.  Their so called "tech" crew, on the other hand, was a bunch of fuck-ups...

(From an email posted to our executive director regarding the "tech" events today...)

"I would however, like to express my concern for our equipment concerning their tech crew.  From the outset of our day, concerning tech and set up, the entire sequence of events was one blunder after another.  From misusing the sound system, causing audio system spikes and feedback that was unnecessary - to clipping our system, twice in one day - to the wasted effort of returning equipment [sound board and projector] to its prior (and theater standard) settings, Kurt and his other, so called “tech”, were nothing but a burden and superfluous set of hands that had no business being involved in the theater set up for tonight’s event, nor should they have been allowed to run anything regarding our systems technology.  His attitude was as much audacious as it was arrogant about being in control of the “tech” set up.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest if he was never to be invited back to work in our theater again."

Needless to say that the "main" guy created nothing but problems for me.  Now, tomorrow morning, I have to go into the theater and readjust our board, and rehang the projector as well as return it to it's theater settings for our lecture series as well as any film screenings that we might have in the future.  A needless waste of my time and effort, that could be dedicated to something else more deserving, is now going to be committed to fixing all of the aforementioned "blunders" that he created today and this evening.

I don't mean to sound bitchy about these types of things, but if you don't know what you are doing in a situation that involves technology that is over your head, then don't f*^&ing mess with anything!!!  Humble yourself and ask for help, it's really an OK thing to do.  It certainly is more well received than playing a guessing game and screwing everything up to the point of making someone else have to clean up after your mess.  Please, for the love GOD, if you need help ask, it's really going to be OK to find support in those types of situations, that's why those people are there.

So, there's my rant, I'm going to go lay down for a while and hope that my back gets better soon.


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