Friday, March 6, 2009

The Best Days Are Made...

Last night was incredible!!! The concert was a huge success, the guest artists were phenomenal, the crowd was loving it, and the band...the band was in the pocket!  I had such a wonderful time performing.  It's been a while since a jazz band concert made me feel that good about performing.  It felt great, the rush, the life, the music...that's truly what it's all about.  Sharing our music and love of music with the kids who came to participate and displaying what it possible when you work hard and enjoy what you do.

They [the high school and jr high students] had a great time, they all performed well throughout the day and the winning band was very deserved of the top prize.  For a group of high school students to sound as good as they did was incredible special.  They worked hard and it showed!  Congrats to them and all their tireless efforts to come and swing as a band!

The day was long, with 19 bands and long hours of running around, announcing bands, setting up chairs and stands, taking care of judges, and making sure that we were prepared for our own concert...whew!!!  The day ended in quite possibly the best way one can end a day.  Dinner with friends, wonderful guest artists, new acquaintances, lots of laughs and meaningful conversations, great food, and then fall asleep next to someone that means a lot.  Ya, he's pretty awesome!

So, Friday is here, Gershwin awaits us at the lunch hour and Rhapsody knows no stops for the faint of heart.  Music truly is the best thing on this planet.  Synonymous with love and a language all its own, I have been reinspired to progress to the next level.  What is that???  RENO!!!!  Hell ya!!!


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