Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Future Is Now...

The sense that the world is in good hands is always present when I'm at work. Though, to say that I'm at work is really misleading. My career has taken me to several places, however none of those compare to working at a Boys & Girls Club. My current club is very special in that I have been present since its inception. The first of its kind here in Durango, the organization represents a much needed outlet for growth in our community. The members here are stellar, and even then, that is an understatement. Each child has their own personality and each is very special to me. They complete that youthful vicarious need in my life and allow me to influence them in a positive way. Nothing on this planet is more rewarding or more satisfying.

Today there have already been countless signs that the future of our world is, truly, not without hope and prospect. We've been here for a little over a year and our club feels like a home away from home. With a jump start in technology, games, and wonderful program leaders, this club is sure to grow and expand beyond anything this town could possibly imagine.

Look out world, these kids are coming and they are ready for anything!


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