Monday, February 16, 2009

The Beginning....of the week...

The beginning of the week started off with a very early morning.  Needless to say the day flew by and I am completely worn down.  Working all day is something I have to look forward too, I just know that it will be easier than going to school, working, rehearsing, practicing, working, managing a bar and theater, practicing, rehearsing, and keeping up a nice apartment.  (long drawn out sigh)

I love it when it's busy, life just seems full, fast, furious, and fabulous.  The down time...uck...blah...wretchedly slow, boring, how I loathe the denouement of the day.  Winding down always seems to take forever, and then the new day begins...aaauuuggghhh!!!  Though, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Life is still good, very good.  My new horn stand came today and I'm really excited to add it to my gear.  It's going to be nice to have one in the bag again and not have to worry about carrying around the tri-fold.  The big one is going to be great for gigs, the small one, very handy for my personal practice and rehearsal sessions.

Blessed, yes, and still going strong.  Stay positive, and maintain the work, progress!


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