Thursday, June 18, 2009

Of Thursdays, Ankles, and Remedial Teaching...

After rolling my ankle I feel like an invalid. I hate the fact that I can't run full force like I have for the last few weeks. It's getting better, but I still want it to heal immediately so I can get back out there. (Auuuggghhh....frustrating as hell!) That coupled with this asinine MME course for this second summer session is truly making the 230 - 430 hours of my life a real drag. I'm beginning to get the feeling that the professor really needs a month vacation, and a progressive education workshop. It would truly make all the difference in the world regarding her teaching style.

The days are warmer this week as the rain has finally subsided. The last couple of weeks were classic weather here in our little mountain town, beautiful mornings followed by warm/rainy afternoons and even better evenings. Today was exceptionally warm. I thought I was going to cook inside my car. (Of course, having all black interior on a black car doesn't help the situation any...) This weekend is going to be really welcome in my life. The week has seemed to drag on FOREVER. The bookmaking class is awesome. I've probably already mentioned it, but the prof. for that class is freaking sweet! Most certainly she is a great model to emulate for teaching styles. (Even her lecture days are interesting...)

Thursdays are the lost days between the middle of the week and the end of the week. I always like to think of them as the forgotten stepchild on the road to a great weekend. I'll have to find something to make Thursdays a bit more special. Any ideas???


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