Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back To Basics and Please Practice This Stuff....

"Take what you can and leave the rest..."  - My Grandmother

The new job is quickly getting old.  Today was the first time I was able to open up and start the day.  It's the same old thing with jobs like this.  Get into the rut early and then stay there because nothing ever changes and nothing really is a challenge.  (Except those damned cappuccinos...)  Needless to day there's always something about which to nit-pick.  The person in charge seems to think that having an opinion is grounds for insubordination.  I feel kind of sorry for this person due to the fact that this job has kind of become a lifestyle and they have, generally speaking, become institutionalized.  My career in education has led me to some wonderful days filled with excitement and quick thinking at every turn.  This job is definitely all I'm doing to pay the bills, and it's not paced like my career.  I wish, along the way, the two could merge and share like qualities but I don't foresee that happening in the near or distant future.  Oh well, 5:45am isn't so bad once you get used to it, but it's definitely not a perk.  (Not at all...)  Keeping my fingers crossed that something along the lines of my career choices will come knocking, but until then I'm going to continue to sling these coffee beans out the door...

Rehearsals have given way to sectionals and I'm finding it a little challenging to keep pace with the rest of the players.  Meaning that I don't want to regress and slow myself down to join those that have chosen not to practice the music in the last week and a half.  I know at some point I'm going to go crazy in trying to work with them.  I just wish that they'd wake up and understand how important things like this really are in their musical lives.  Especially those that claim to be "majors".  Needless to say, most of them are still being held back by their notes and basic rhythms.  Keep your fingers crossed that maybe they'll take an hour or two between now and Thursday to work on some of this stuff and make the effort for the group.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far and that life is great where you are.  Ciao!!!!

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phryGIAN said...

Cappucinos are hard!!

so is working with people not at your level. I'm usually one of the majors who isn't practicing his stuff but it can be frustrating when I'm legitimately trying and not getting something. I wish I could practice more!