Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Life....sheesh!

If only life were than simple...sometimes it is...

Life is strange sometimes.  The universe certainly has an interesting way of indicating things to me.  Pointing them out and dropping those subtle hints has always been one of it's stronger suits.  Sometimes I need a reminder or two in my life.  Yesterday I got one and was reminded that I certainly shouldn't sweat the small things.  (And yes Dad, it's all small stuff...ha ha ha)  Balance is required, finding it is the difficult part, but I think that once I'm there things will be incredible.

Rehearsals are slow, but steady.  I find myself in the odd position of having much more playing experience than everyone else.  It is frustrating time after time to watch the younger kids struggle with the simplest of concepts.  Patience is required, keeping it all in check is the difficult part.  I know I should be somewhat empathetic to their playing, but I also know that all it takes it a couple of hours in the practice room.  (C'mon folks get it together...)

It's time for breakfast.  I'm heading out with someone special and we're going to enjoy a nice morning together.  Maybe next time we'll cook breakfast together...maybe...ha ha ha.


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phryGIAN said...

Good advice
practice long tones
hee, hee if only everything
could be solved by Stamp exercises...
enjoy breakfast!