Friday, April 9, 2010

Months of Time - Too Much Gone By...

OMG...not the most creative way to start a post...

The weather is finally turning sunny and warm.  It snowed a week ago (April 1st) and I couldn't believe that Mother Nature would pull off the ultimate April Fool's joke!  Needless to say, the weather has definitely served it's purpose in keeping us all on edge waiting for the spring/summer season to arrive.  I'm pretty sure that it also had something to do with me not posting for a couple of months.  I still can't imagine where all the time went between this post and the last.

Anyways, I've managed to keep up my chops over the last couple of months.  And, in lieu of the fact that work is crazy busy, I've somehow managed to make time for rehearsals with a big band, my own quartet, and a new salsa band that was formed among some of my alumni bro's from college.  I thought I wouldn't be playing much, but it's insane these days!  I'm doing more playing and performing now than I have in the last 6 months.  It's been really great and with a show tonight, a show tomorrow and a show the following Sunday, life is sweet!

My new niece just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It's amazing to have her in the house all the time.  Being able to see her is an amazing blessing and I can't wait until she starts talking.  All she does these days is scream when she doesn't like something or becomes frustrated.  It's awesome!  One of the highest pitched noises I've ever heard.  It woke me up the other day, made me smile and laugh out loud in bed - my new alarm clock...

Life is good.  I hope it is where you are.  Headed to teach a class and then off to do a gig tonight and tomorrow night!


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phryGIAN said...

Yay for new posts!
Yay for new gigs!
yay for new life!

I'm amazed that you can be positive about being woken up early. good for you

: ]