Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Baby, The Black Sheep, and Some Quality Time...

I'm sure of one thing, that being an uncle for the first time is going to be awesome!

The Labor Day weekend has brought some wonderful quality time spent with family and friends.  With the immanent arrival of my sister's baby, we are all still operating at DEFCON 2, so the tension is high  but it's that good kind of tenseness that makes life exciting!

The rain in the afternoons has been wonderful and it poured freely during and epic storm last night!  The weather was cool and calm and I've always been in love with the aroma of fresh rain off the mountain blowing gently on the cool night air...intoxicating.  Needless to say the evenings have been getting cooler and it feels wonderful.  Last night during the storm some friends, my sister, her husband, and I watched a film from New Zealand.  The film was entitled "Black Sheep".  This quite possibly could have been the best horror/comedy I have ever seen.  The effects were perfect for the setting and the story was so absurd that the entire evening reeked of sheep and horror gore.  Great Saturday night activity for a group of friends.  Check this one out everyone, it's definitely worth wasting a few hours!

Monday is coming and we'll see how far along she is with contractions.  Practice time is upon me and I must heed the call of what Wayne Bergeron referred to as a "coil of torture".  Ciao!

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