Monday, September 28, 2009

The weekend was amazing!  Saturday was a beautiful late summer day in New Mexico and the harvest festival was even more welcoming and inviting than in years past.  The band performed extremely well and I was very lucky to be hosting the event and performing with the opening ensemble.  A bit of blues, jazz, and even a couple of pop covers kept the audience dancing and enjoying their time at the winery.  There was this older Spanish couple who really tore up the dance floor.  They were amazing to watch and even at their age (which I assumed to be somewhere in their 60's) they moved with a delicate grace together.  It was inspiring to play for people who danced and enjoyed our group's music.

Overnight was an evening spent with family and I returned to host the last day of the festival.  Sunday might have been even more gorgeous than the day prior, but then again I am just a bit biased having spent time at the winery every year since the festival's inception.  Finally home in Durango Sunday evening I spent time with my new niece and her family.  They are such a special group of people and I am truly blessed to spend time with them.  The new baby is amazing and I'm posting pictures this time around to share her beauty with the world!

Needless to say she's incredible and I love her dearly.  (Can't wait to spoil her rotten when I get to baby sit!!)  After that I attended one of the most musical recitals I've been to in quite some time.  The woodwind professor at our university played the hell out of the flute and saxophone (tenor/alto)!  He was brilliant and exuded musicality and emotion with great command of the literature and finesse of his own performing abilities.  I was blown away and extremely happy that I attended.  Please make sure that you get out and support your local music scene as well as music in general.  So many great performers go unheard and just need a willing audience to listen to what they have to say musically.  Your ears will tell you when it's wonderful and when it needs some work.  (lol)

The week started off busy and today has been full of surprises.  New jobs, new events to plan for the club, and possibly new gigging venues.  More to come for sure from the blog, so keep reading and have some fun this week.


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