Friday, January 1, 2010


The new year begins with a post, a few simple words, and a reminder for myself that time is indeed rushing by.  I suppose that the world is filled with people making resolutions.  Some will do their best to keep them, others will inevitably falter.  Into which category will I fall?  I hope both.  I have come to realize that it is in both that we are truly human.  Mistakes will be made and goals take time.  Each day is new, each day is a chance to accomplish these goals and each day is a chance to make mistakes.  And it is through these mistakes that we truly grow.

That is my goal, my "resolution".  To keep growing, to make progress, and to make the time to accomplish my goals.  I think that I will refrain from listing them here as I know what they are and they are for me.  Just as your goals are for you, mine will fuel my drive to make that progress.

On a broader spectrum, a goal for the year will be to blog, without restraint, here on The Ultimate Gig.  I hope this outlet will serve for another of expression.  Time to take the next step on the journey ahead...


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