Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long Nights...Impossible Odds...And Root Beer Floats...

Day 16...
Why these posts are entered so late I'll never know...maybe I like to let as much of the day transpire before I make an entry???


The center was "hopping" last night as movie night was a huge success.  The kids were really glad that we stayed open until midnight.  It was definitely a stretch for me.  It's been quite a while since I've worked that late.  "Paranormal Activity" was awesome!  The version I have has the alternate ending, which in my opinion was much better than the theatrical.  So, after a pool tournament, dancing in formation, a spaghetti dinner, root beer floats, and several buckets of popcorn later, the night was over.  Needless to say everyone had a great time and they were ready for the next event.  (I'm going to try and get some sleep between now and then...)

After all that I still had to wake up this morning and be in town for a workshop/seminar for work.  (insert scream here)  I know it's for the kids, but putting in my time is something of which I grow weary.  It was fairly informative.  I guess I'm not old enough to cope with "intergenerational grief".  At this point in my life I'm still more like a kid and less like an adult with all kinds of baggage.  Maybe I'm a kid with all kinds of baggage...yah, that makes more sense to me.

Oh well, I'm sleeping in tomorrow and then heading out to do some painting.  Should be a quick job and might even get a chance for some overdue practicing.  Lovin' the swing and can't wait to play with Scotty!!


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