Monday, January 4, 2010

Back At It...

Day 4 was spent reacquainting myself with the proverbial grindstone...damn you work!

Despite a great night's sleep I was more than a little reluctant to come back to work.  You know how it is, "...just one more day, just one more day...".  It seems to be the only thought rolling around up there once the holiday season is over and the limited vacation time comes to an end.  I hope that the next one gets here soon.

The day was filled with paper work, calendar planning and lots of talk for future events.  I guess there is something to be said for making sure that the local area youth have a secure environment in which to spend their after school hours.  With a small drama program starting next week, teen nights, a family night, and ski trips to plan, the month is definitely going to be busy.  2010 is most certainly beginning with a bang.

Hope there's time to practice...will just have to make some!


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