Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clean Clothes and Awesome Kiddos...

Laundry day is definitely a nice long day of quiet.  Nothing but the sound of the washing machine's low swish swash and my thoughts.  That and some music in the background...God bless iTunes.  The best part...clean clothes at the end of the day, lots and lots of clean clothes.  I think I like the fact that I can just relax while the clothes are doing their thing in the machine, especially while drying.  Those contraptions are freakin' magical, and, at times, almost hypnotic.  
Listening to music and watching them tumble on medium-high heat, wow, that's enough to send me into a coma like repose.  (Ha ha ha)

The compliment of people at the place where I normally dry my clothes was fairly scarce this afternoon/evening.  A few rando's and then a mom with her two kids.  Those kids were awesome, playing and laughing together.  It reminded me of my sister and I when we were little like that.  All the world was a playground and everything was funny, to the point of laughing out loud at even the littlest things.  I wish every environment could be like that.  Maybe it is and I've just grown out of seeing the world in that way.  I love working with kids, but lately I seem to be losing my interest in their world.  It's a great world, and I love to visit every now and then, but I'm feeling more and more like my visits should be short and to the point.  I need to get back into the groove of my music and enjoy life as that playground.  To see things the way they do and try not to lose that perspective in my life.  Those kids at the laundry-mat were a real eye opener.  I miss the days when I would run everywhere, even if it was only 10 feet away, just running and enjoying each moment of the quick trip.

Maybe I'll try running all over the place and see if I can catch them off guard this week...


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