Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's All About The Music!!!

So, the musicians are off to Colorado Springs!!!

The drive was really nice. Leaving later in the afternoon than I had anticipated, but it was a great idea.  It gave me time to have lunch with Nick, which was awesome.  That coupled with the fact that I got a chance to lay down for about an hour before the drive made it that much better.  Kelly is a great driver and he really enjoys making that car go fast.  We listened to some great music and had some snacks....road trip...hells yah!

I'm looking forward to the conference and the clinics.  Working the booth will be easy this year with so many people from the school in attendance, but....I miss my BAMF and really wish she was here.  I had hoped that it would have been possible for her to come, but I know that there will be another great opportunity for fun and excitement as the time for Reno approaches.  (Party....hells yah!!!)

Making time for sleep now and going to have some fun in the Springs tomorrow...


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