Tuesday, January 6, 2009

...Of Work And Awkwardness

Tuesday, yet another productive day.  I even managed to get in some practice time - woo hoo!  More program planning for the kids, some work for the theatre, and even some stuff for the school.  Wow, I'm on a roll.  Just have to keep it going.  I think that the more sleep I get, well, I know it's all about the sleep, but I'm just glad to have these days to get things accomplished.

I had breakfast with my sister this morning, it was really nice to just sit and talk.  Working from home is truly a blessing.  I know that with my chosen profession I doubt there will be much time for it, but I really like the feeling of coming downstairs to my office and getting work done on my own terms and in my own time.  I'd like to find some facet of my career that will allow me to do something like that.  Other than directing a really kick ass jazz ensemble!

Other than that, I ended up working at the bar this evening for the theater, and then I went over to a friends house to play some cards...oh, wait, scratch that.  First I parked in the wrong place, walked right into someone else's house.......(awkward).......and theeennnn I went to a friends house to play cards.  Needless to say I felt really silly being at the wrong place, but it all worked out and we had a great time.

Tuesdays are definitely working their way up the ladder for best day of the week.

Much love on this cold chilly night from the mountains.


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