Saturday, January 17, 2009


The words on the screen don't mean least I didn't think they did....

Sometimes things get to us...even me.  I suppose we wouldn't be human if we didn't say something out of turn, or make comments and then end up taking it the wrong way.  I've always felt that if necessary something should be said and I've done my fair share of "speaking".  Sometimes it's been pretty bad...other times its been extremely good.  Trying to find that balance is difficult.  Learning how to deal with it is also hard.

Growing up was hard to do and there are times when I feel like I should never have done it.  Up to a certain point its inevitable that change occurs and people evolve.  I find myself looking back and wondering how I've evolved into who I am now.  I remember that each time I've made a mistake, or worked successfully through something (big problems and small) it has affected me in a positive way.  Each change, each new avenue for learning has helped me grow and become a better person.  Making the climb and moving forward, making progress, is what I know how to do these days.  Working hard and remembering to try and keep that balance is the goal.  The results speak for themselves.  The end result is yet to come, as it is always an uphill motion to make progress.

I can only pass on what I have learned.  I can only deal with what's in front of me right now.  I can only be the best that I can be and expect others to do their best.  My standards are for me and me alone.  My caring comes from the heart and it is expressed in what I say and do, not from my job, or my schooling, or my playing.  My love of music is endless, yes, and I know that it is what I'll be doing forever.  It shouldn't be something from which to shy away, but should be embraced, shared with care, and, at times, taken with a grain of salt.  The world isn't perfect, life isn't always the way we want it to be.  People are human and we do make mistakes...I'll be the first one to raise my hand and say, "Yep, that was me...".

Wherever you are, whatever you might be doing, remember that it's all a progression.  Life is just that, progress for each of us in our own way.  Done with caring and love and some fun, it can be great, but we have to balance that with hard work and determination to be happy.  Happy at what we do, who we are, and with whom we become close.

I hope that we can all share it, together, forever.


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