Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day Back!

The first day back after break has traditionally been long and tiring.  Today was no exception.  It seems that in our absence the department has seen fit to make sure that the first day back will always be long and tiring.  (Good times...good times...)

The day was great.  I was really glad to get back into the swing of things.  Getting up early this morning was better than I thought it would be and practicing first rattle out of the box was awesome.  I'm definitely going to make a habit of taking the mornings to practice and get some extra time in the practice rooms.  It was quiet, there were plenty of rooms available, and some how the department felt just a bit more cozy at 8am.

Rehearsals was pretty good for a session of sight reading.  The pieces are low grade difficulty and I see them coming together fairly easily.  Honor band should be fun and I can't wait to play some great music for the kids this year.

Work was good as always and I think this new quarter will promise good things for everyone, staff and kids.

All for now...Ciao!!

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