Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Dawn of 2009...

Too long has it been since I've posted.  The new year has come and it started off with a bang!  (Literally)  Being sick for the last couple of days hasn't helped, but my spirits are high and the first couple of days during 2009 have been enjoyable thus far.  The skies have been filled with sunshine and clear blue and the snow only started falling this morning.  My work at the club is taking a new direction and the arts program is going to soar above the rest.  I can't wait to dig in and get the ball rolling on the new and improved arts dept. at our humble little club.  I just want a picture of all the smiles in the next couple of months as it is going to be incredible!

The New Year's celebration at the arts center was a success thanks to an incredible effort of hard work (as well as a labor of love) from two of the best guys I know.  My deepest gratitude and many thanks go out to them for putting so much of themselves into the theater and the organization.  The new year promises great things for the Arts Center as well as our 'theatre'.

As I watch the snow fall gently this morning I'm reminded that there is a time to slow down and take a short break from all the chaos of life.  For me that time is today.  I think I'll read for a while, and then maybe a nice long movie at home.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's and that you are all well!


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