Sunday, August 30, 2009

The End, The Beginning, And The Next Chapter...

Today was a great day. The chapter in my life dedicated to obtaining my under-grad is now closing and I find myself eager to move on to the next. Finishing (and more importantly, passing!!!) a final test for credit course was what made the day exciting. I can't wait to receive my degree and have it hanging there on the nice, finely wrapped receipt for a job well done!! Woo-hoo!!!

The school term will find me playing lead with our big band and that's about it. I'm not quite sure what to expect from the performing aspect of it, but do know where I'm comfortable and that place is center spot in the big band! I'm pretty sure that the semester will find me performing on some student recitals as well as a few duets and combo settings. Should be a good time, and this year is definitely dedicated to making quite a bit of progress in arranging and writing.

All is quiet on this Sunday night and the condo-community is settled in for some sleep before starting another week. School tomorrow, but not for me...I'm going to try and not sleep in, but I may just treat myself to an extra hour or two for all the hard work this summer and the last five years...

Sweet dreams...Ciao!

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