Sunday, August 23, 2009

The In's and Out's of Nesting...?

Boxes of books, boxes of music, boxes of....well boxes! Today was the day for moving into the new apartment. With the afternoon spent meandering through the seemingly endless piles of stuff I now find myself taking a break from arranging and situating my "things" to resemble, hopefully, some logical order.

I'm definitely not going to blog about the necessity of "stuff" or the needlessness of it all. I think that I'm reaching an equilibrium with my accoutrement, and, after thinning some of it out, the world feels less cluttered. Needless to say there were some odds and ends that I simply don't need any longer...bye bye!

The weekend has been excellent so far and the coming week should fair well under easy going conditions. I practiced for about an hour yesterday and it was a bit of a chore with this cast mucking up the process. I'm going to head to head with this thing! Hopefully the run of buzzing and warm ups today won't leave me as sore as yesterday did.

Here's to a bright and sunny Sunday and I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!


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