Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My World With A Pink Cast...

The world, one-handed, is one with which I am quickly becoming acquainted. Yesterday I visited a very highly renowned orthopedist who applied a cast to my arm and told me that things are going to heal up as they should. The cast is bright neon pink! (Hell ya!) Needless to say it was a great relief when I was able to move at the elbow once again. That splint was on for five days and it was a real downer to not pivot at the elbow. My upper arm is a bit sore, but another added bonus of the short arm cast is that my fingers are free to move.

Practice room here I come!

Thankfully I'm getting through the healing process relatively unscathed and surgery has pretty much been eliminated as an option. (Thank goodness!) So, with an upcoming gig on the 28th, the practicing issue will be fun no doubt.

Wish mew luck and hope for the best. More to come...


1 comment:

phryGIAN said...

Good luck!
don't push yourself too
hard. The practice room
can be unforgiving, especially
in you altered state