Sunday, August 9, 2009

Longing For Summers Gone By...

The concept of time as a fluid thing is beyond me....

I can't believe that July is gone and the calendar says it's August. The first week literally flew by! (I know because I waived at it as it passed...) Summer is leaning into the end month(s) and it's hard to imagine that fall is on it's way. (No...say it isn't so!) I feel kind of lost during the summer as I've let so many pass by me, not taking the opportunity to let go and do something fun. I've always worked or gone to school during the summer. Maybe its because of where I grew up geographically, or maybe its because I never seized the moment to do something during the summer. I'm not really sure why there has to be an "off season", but I don't think I've ever taken one of those.

Being a musician, and among a group that really doesn't understand what taking an extended break really means, we find ourselves cooped up in a practice room, or working to pay the bills year round, or gigging (which in all practices is the only break we truly get, performing for an audience...definitely the most fun!). I guess if I had to take the last 10 years of summers, I would definitely do things differently. Maybe not the life thing, but try and toss in a few trips to the coast, or camping more, or tanning even...ha ha ha.

Anyways, the month of August is holding some golden opportunities for gigs and performances and I'm ready to make some more music with my friends.

To all the musicians out there: Take a break, even a short one, and step outside the practice room for a while. It's worth me!



j00nior said...

Haha I'm feeling kind of the opposite, I can't wait for my summer to end, I'm sick of doing nothing but working.

This fall I plan to work my ass off in my second year at school and I hope to establish myself as a musician and play some local gigs.

phryGIAN said...

I totally understand what you mean. Time seems to elude me completely, as well.
August is an interesting one. I wish that it were at the beginning of summer if only so I could avoid the practice room...okay that doesn't make sense. But in my head it does. Anyways, thanks for the comment and hope to read about your gigs and whatnot