Friday, December 12, 2008


It seems with the end of the semester finally arriving and all the work behind me, the motivation ratio is starting to take a dip.  I'm finding new music to play and projects to keep me occupied, but I'm not sure how I'll be able to spend a month at home.  Usually I'm in Santa Fe working with the Desert Chorale. (if you haven't seen or heard them, do yourself a favor -
It is intense for a holiday season, but with the change in administration and new ideas, they seem to have things in hand without me this year, so I'm finding new things to keep my days working.

Spending some time at home and work extra hours everywhere seems like a great place to start. Having quite a bit more personal practice time is definitely going to be wonderful.  I'll probably even start some other jazz studies and work on some new licks!  Can't wait to see where this month takes me.  I hope that everyone out there has a wonderful month off from school and that we come together refreshed and ready for another kick-ass term!


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