Monday, December 8, 2008

There's Music...and then there's MUSIC!

Practicing always makes me feel better...about everything.  No matter what is going on in my life, good or bad, strong or weak, real or fake, practicing my horn and making music always helps me regain my focus.  It brings out the vibrant colors of my soul and heals my heart.  The music that I emote makes me feel centered and whole again.  It revives that spark, it kindles the low flame and helps it grow into a raging bonfire of expression once more.

Tonight I practiced and played some music.  What makes it better?

Playing for someone else.  Sharing that music with another person.  This BAMF.  Ya, it was awesome and when I heard her play it made me realize just how amazing a musician and person she really is.  If me practicing by myself helps me regain my focus and grounding, then playing for another person (especially my BAMF) takes my world of music to a different plane of existence.  That elusive "undiscovered country" appears on the horizon for a brief moment in time.

Share it, live it, dream it.  Regain your focus, center yourself in the moment, play some music, do what makes you happy.  Live the dream....


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