Monday, December 22, 2008

Of Crazy Parties, Popcorn, and Snowfall...

As I watch the snow fall gently outside my bedroom window I think about how quiet the world is at this moment. (Well, at least the world outside my window...) It makes me stop and think, possibly ponder my own life at this point in time. Being up this early always scares me a little. Wondering whether or not I should be sleeping, taking this time to reflect on this past weekend, and then trying to live in the moment once more.

It seems that my holiday break has begun without me. I always run around the first few days wondering what I have to do, whether or not I should be at some rehearsal, why I feel so busy when clearly I haven't any schoolwork to which I should attend. Then the feeling sets in and I finally make the switch over to vacation mode. The days are extremely shorter and the nights, while they come earlier and earlier, seem to last forever. I remember commenting just this weekend that it seemed to "feel" like it was nine at night when it was in reality only six-thirty. I suppose that's another thing I still have yet to get adjust in my life. That whole time change thing still freaks me out...

Sunday was extremely relaxing. Enjoying a nice long day of lounging seemed to be just what I needed. Late in the afternoon I found my way upstairs to "begin the day". A quick shower and some clean clothes always makes me feel better. Then off to K's place to hang out with my BAMF. Life is always better, more focused, and safe when I'm with her. She centers me and makes me reassured that life is indeed a good thing! We ended up vegging out, in ever sense of the word. Movies and some empty calories were also what I needed. (Oh, and first time seeing "Lady in the Water"...awesome!)

Saturday morning was frantic, wrought with performances and rehearsals. Though, I do feel that it was more because of the night before and not because of the events of the morning. Bar tending has certainly proven to be much more of a challenge for the morning portion of my day. Getting in early, after tending late, and then getting up to get to a performance was rough! But, it felt good to get some playing time in and enjoy a last go 'round with Tim before he left for his break. I enjoyed a wonderful evening of Tarantino films with my sister and her husband as well as some friends of ours. Family, friends, popcorn, and bloody/puss popping zombies were definitely needed that night.

And now, as the snow falls gently outside my window, I realize that the universe had all of this planned from the get-go. A crazy Friday night, full of alcohol pouring, money flying, margarita drinking co-workers, to a peaceful early Monday morning with a soft and quiet time for personal thought and reflection.

Intense, yes...needed....more than I could have ever imagined.


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