Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking Forward...

Christmas was awesome.  Need I say more?  The Christmas holiday is always memorable here at home with family.  I spent the early portion of the day finishing up my gift wrapping and worrying about the snow fall and accumulation in Durango.  I finally worked up enough nerve to drive out of Durango (which was a small miracle in and of itself) and made my way home for the day.  The gifts were plentiful the the family was together.  We are truly fortunate to have each other, to be together during the holidays and to have so much in our lives.  I know that things could be different.  They are for quite a number of families in the world.  I did indeed count my blessings instead of sheep on Christmas Eve.

With my family in good health and everyone making their way through the aftermath of the holiday, the new year approaches.  I can't wait to spend it with my friends and welcome it with high hopes and a smile on my face.  Living for today is a great way move through life, to work and make progress on a daily basis.  (And looking forward to the bright future ahead is always fun and uplifting.)

I can't wait to spend some time with my BAMF.  She's played such an incredible role in my life, my growth, and my idea of friendship has changed and made progress because of her.

Here's to the new year and knowing that, come what may, life will indeed be wonderful!


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